NSA Colorado - Speaker's Academy

Your Journey to Becoming a Rockstar Speaker


The potentially life-changing NSA – Colorado Speaker’s Academy has launched million-dollar speaking careers and helped build revenue-generating clientele for small business owners.


For emerging, aspiring and current professional speakers, trainers, “solopreneurs,” and business owners ready to turbocharge their careers.


Your investment for this entire program is only $1295. If you tried to pay for this content and coaching individually, it could cost $8,000 or more. And some of the content is not available outside the program.


NSA Colorado – Speaker’s Academy sells out every year!

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What the Program will Give You

  1. The program will help you be the best speaker you can be in the field of your choice. The key focus areas of the class are:
    • How to be a better speaker
    • Learn the business of speaking
  2. The program is focused the 4 key NSA competencies
    • Eloquence – The art of speaking and the use of powerful and persuasive presentations. This means creating the proper setting for an effective presentation as well as the concrete skills related to presenting, performing, and theatrical methods.
    • Expertise – The knowledge, skills, and experience in a specific area. Speakers should know which body of expertise is ideal for them and be able to effectively research and develop their content.
    • Enterprise – The purposeful undertaking of a successful speaking business venture. This includes business management, sales and marketing knowledge, as well as the skills necessary to generate income through speaking engagements and other revenue streams.
    • Ethics – The principles or standards governing the conduct of those in the speaking profession. Ethics is the foundation and summation of the three other competencies. It is about who you are as a person – both personally and professionally – and encompasses your reputation, character, and integrity.
  3. Clearly showcase the advantages of NSA-Colorado resources, networking and volunteering

    • How to choose your highway, lane, and car
    • The difference of keynote, breakout, training and taking the learning to your own area of expertise
    • The overview of the speaking business (Set clear expectations)
    • What tools and value NSA and NSA-Colorado offer after you graduate


Key Class Features

  1. 12 High Impact Sessions
  2. 10+ Speakers of national and international fame
  3. Specialty Track Mentoring Sessions led by established speakers
  4. 6 Speaking opportunities with feedback from professional speakers
  5. BIG STAGE final day presentation with professional video* May be in studio or live depending on the COVID-19 pandemic 
  6. GUIDED WORKBOOK Content exclusively developed for NSA Academy that will act as a working document to build an actual speech/talk/training 
  7. GROUP LEARNING from other peers
  8. Introduction & NETWORKING OPPORTUNITY at NSA Colorado events
  9. BEST PRACTICES for both live and virtual speaking events

Class Value

  • 12 two-hour sessions ($2500 value)
  • Guided Workbook ($500 value)
  • Specialty Track Mentoring Sessions ($2500 value)
  • Speaking Opportunity with feedback ($2000 value)
  • Professionally recorded video ($500 value) 

More than $8000 value at a great price of $1295.

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Monthly meetings are held September through May
(except December). We are temporarily meeting virtually.
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