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Are you a professional (or aspiring) communicator ready for an AMAZING step in your career?

Are you eager to meet – and learn from – a high-energy group of exceptionally talented entrepreneurs?

Welcome to NSA – Colorado, home of the professional communicator.

A chapter of the National Speakers Association, NSA – Colorado is one of the most robust, success-oriented NSA chapters in the nation. What sets us apart?

Join NSA – Colorado, and you will:

  • Learn from the best – Held in central Denver, our content-rich programs feature leading experts on a wide range of topics, from business-success secrets to polishing your platform skills.
  • Network with the best – Come for the learning, stay for the networking. Many NSA – Colorado members are considered the nation’s foremost keynoters, trainers, and professional communicators.

Why Join Now?

Watch this video to see what two of our members say about how NSA – Colorado has contributed to their success.

Chapter Benefits

You can join NSA – Colorado as a Professional Candidate or a Professional Member. Here are the benefits available to both Professional Candidates and Professional Members:

  • Become part of a network of some of the most highly accomplished speaking professionals and leading-edge entrepreneurs in the world!
  • Invitation to the chapter-only Holiday Party, End-of-Year Celebration, Summer Social, and other special events
  • Inclusion in the searchable NSA – Colorado Database and Find-a-Speaker request form – two resources meeting planners use to find and hire speakers
  • Invitations to Professional Candidate Accelerate Workshops
  • Discount to enroll in the Colorado Speaker’s Academy (save $150)
  • Opportunity to serve on NSA – Colorado committees



In addition to the above benefits, Professional Candidates receive:

  • Discounted registration fees for monthly programs keynoted by top national speakers (events are held September through April). Professional Candidates receive $10 discount (that’s 17% off the Guest Early Bird rate)



In addition to the above benefits, Professional Members receive:

  • Discounted registration fees for monthly programs keynoted by top national speakers (events are held September through May). Professional Members receive $20 discount (that’s 33% off the Guest Early Bird rate)
  • Invitations to exclusive Professional Member Pro Mastermind events
  • Opportunity to serve on the NSA – Colorado board of directors

Ready to fly with the eagles?

If you are a professional speaker, workshop leader, trainer, corporate consultant, business coach, life coach, author or aspiring speaker or thought leader, you’ve come to the right place. 

“This is my support team! NSA – Colorado members give me ideas, encouragement, and professional development. And they are my best friends.”

Dr. Mary Kelly, Commander, US Navy (ret), CSP

“Being a member of NSA – Colorado has given me the tools I needed to succeed as a speaker. I learn from every member and am encouraged at every meeting.”

Paul Vorreiter

“During my first NSA – Colorado program, a stranger shared this: ‘Only get involved in NSA – Colorado if you want to be inspired by some of the best speakers in the world. If you want to be around people who generously give their time, talent, and wisdom. If you want to be challenged to be the best you can be. If you are open to honest feedback, because we want you to be successful and speak at your highest level of excellence. And you better be willing to have a lot of fun! You’ll be surrounded by quick, sassy, and smart thinkers who love to play.’ If you are wondering how to become a speaker, I hope you will join NSA – Colorado and open yourself up to one of the greatest experiences of your life.”

Jody Hill Stevenson

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have questions about joining NSA – Colorado, we’re happy to answer them for you!

When I join, what are my choices?

You can be affiliated with NSA – Colorado in three ways:

  • Professional Member – To join NSA – Colorado as a Professional Member, you must first be a Professional Member of the National Speakers Association in good standing. This means you have submitted an application to the national-level NSA organization documenting your professional speaking career, you have been accepted as an NSA member, and you have paid national dues. To learn more, visit
  • Professional Candidate – Becoming an NSA – Colorado Professional Candidate is easy. In fact, you can do it right now! It only takes a minute to complete the application. In addition to aspiring speakers, many of our Professional Candidates are consultants, business coaches, life coaches, in-house trainers, facilitators, published authors, and other experts and thought leaders who are adding professional speaking as a service in their thriving business.
  • Basic Contact – Want to stay informed of NSA – Colorado activities, but not ready to become a Professional Member or Professional Candidate? Sign up as a Basic Contact to receive email notifications of events open to nonmembers. 
What do I get?

See the Benefits chart above to view the benefits available to Professional Members and Professional Candidates.

How much does it cost to join?

As a reminder, if you are a member of the National Speakers Association in good standing, please apply as a Professional Member of NSA – Colorado. If not, please apply as a Professional Candidate.

Professional Member: $150 per year
(you must currently be a member of NSA in good standing)

Professional Candidate: $275 per year

How do I join?

Click the button below to complete the form to join NSA – Colorado!

Join NSA – Colorado!

What if I have questions?

If you have questions, contact us at [email protected]. Our office staff or Director – Membership will be happy to answer your questions. In addition, feel free to ask anyone at the registration table when you attend our next event.

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“I don’t have a lot of time or energy in my schedule to get involved with groups that don’t fuel my business in a BIG WAY. So when I say that NSA – Colorado is worth it – I mean it. I don’t even live in Colorado and I’m a fan. If I lived there, I would attend every chapter meeting I could. Some of the most respected speakers in this profession are highly involved and invested in growing other speakers. Many of my most respected colleagues and friends are from that chapter. And it’s quite the testimony to walk into a chapter meeting and see that even the rock stars keep coming back. Rock on NSA – Colorado, you have created quite the magical combination.”

Kelly Swanson

NSA - Colorado

Monthly meetings are held September through May
(except December). We are temporarily meeting virtually.
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