Date/Time: Saturday, November 23, 2019: 9:00 am - 12:00 pm

Location: Colorado Automobile Dealers Association (CADA)

Presenter: Julie Holmes
(720) 799-1010

Presenter: Julie Holmes
(720) 799-1010

Building a Real Business: The Tech, Tools, and Time You’ll Need to Create and Grow a Viable Speaking Business



Do you need a Show Reel? Onesheet? Website? CRM? eCommerce? Salesperson? Lions? Tigers? Or Bears? OH MY! What if your budget is tight? What do you do yourself, and what should you outsource? What’s the priority, and how good does it REALLY have to be when you’re just starting out? 


These questions and a ton more will be demonstrated, documented, distributed and discussed. For those that know Julie, she is a PROCESS NERD and TECH JUNKIE. She’s also cheap and on a mission to get the most bang for her bucks. During this program she’ll be sharing the good, the bad, and the FREE when it comes to the backend systems, collateral, and resources you need to run your business. She’ll also go through a list of things you should START doing right now that will save you time and help you make more money later. 



  1. Walk away with a comprehensive, prioritized list of collateral you need to create (along with a sample and tips for making it more compelling).
  2. Create your list of critical systems and tools based on where YOU are in your business building.
  3. Know how to invest your “time vs money” wisely by learning when and what you should outsource.

BONUS: Julie will share her favorite forms, process examples and whatever else she thinks might be of use. Plus, we’ll make sure there is time for “Ask Julie Anything!” She’s not shy…so get those questions ready!

Bio: Julie Holmes is a sought after, global keynote speaker on unlocking innovation and creativity. As a serial inventor, accomplished entrepreneur, and respected innovation expert, she brings her 25 years of leadership, strategy development, and execution for ambitious organizations to every event. She also brings stories, jokes, dog trick videos, and boundless enthusiasm.



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